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The 8 Best Running Jackets for Men


The 8 Best Running Jackets for Men

Changing seasons have a certain charming nature, especially in the fall. The leaves changing colors on the trees. The cheers of football fans during the weekend games. And of course, the cooler temperatures that finally keep you from sweating through your favorite shirts, allowing you to layer up.

These seasonal shifts makes us love suiting up and getting out for a run come the season of pumpkin spice. No longer are we over-concerned with humidity percentages and beating the heat; fall running is all about enjoying the sport and soaking in those feel-good endorphins. Once the temperature starts to dip, you’ll need a dependable jacket that can keep you warm without weighing you down on the road.

Ready to lace up and get those miles in? Here are our top picks for running jackets, perfect for your next outdoor session.

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